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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Playgrounds Festival - Day One - Amsterdam

Today was the first day of the Playgrounds Festival. Usually located at Tilburg, we got lucky today to get an extra special day in Amsterdam. A fully booked day by amazing artists presenting their work to, I must say, a warm and friendly audience.
From 10 o'clock this morning to 9 o' in the evening I had the chance to meet and listen to many of them.
After the Welcome opening the day started with:
DVEIN. Studio based in Barcelona they provide art-direction, design and animation services for cinema. Unfortunately I missed their speech today, but they'll be back on stage in Tilburg tomorrow! POSTPANIC got to speak right after. Dutch hybrid film production. One of the most expected artist of the day: KYLE COOPER, presented his new work just before the lunch break this morning. Even though I wasn't there already I heard only good feedback of his presentation.

Sam from TOKYOPLASTIC made public the laugh during his speech, showing their failures, but still amazing, projects. Thanks to them we saw how annoying a client could be! We also had the chance to see and listen to the second member of the team in a quick video he made especially for us.
PHYSALIA, motion graphic and visual effects studio from Barcelona, also presented their work this afternoon. Almost all the members were on stage, which means three guys and a girl. Even though the whole speech was abit messy and hard to follow, I must say the visual presentation was really cool. If you dont know them yet you should open a new internet page and google them. But not straight ahead, Im not done yet!
ENCYCLOPEDIA PICTURA had many fans in the audience. Even though im not part of them, they are doing a great job! They'll speak again in Tilburg on Friday. Unfortunately the pictures or video were not allowed during their speech.

Orion Tait came all the way from New-York to represent BUCK at the Playgrounds. He showed us a really cool video, full of humour. Involving loads of different artists and of course many skills: as illustration, graphic design, animation, sound, video and so on.
Before the end of the day ONESIZE, this creative studio focuses on motion graphics, animation, visual effects, live action and production for film and television gave an artist talk as well. Nice work!
Photography and report by Manon Feval.

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