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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Playgrounds Festival - Day Two - Tilburg

After the amazing opening day on Wednsday in Amsterdam, the Playgrounds moved to Tilburg for the last two days of the festival. Once again, the program was booked with awesome speakers from all over the world. Some of the best artists in motion graphic, playing with different media to create beautiful and amazing visuals. 

The day started at 10.30, right after the "Welcome Opening" with RESONANCE and MAC'N CHEESE. At 10.45 DVEIN, studio from Barcelona and famous for his 3D work (master in the liquids texture) presented their work. They are collaborating and sharing their studio with Physalia. As yesterday the presentation was absolutely amazing!
Matt Lambert came after them. filmmaker, artist and head of video for London-based, multidisciplinary art collective, Bare Bones. Often working under the name dieLamb, Lambert has made an impression on the world of design and experimental, mixed-media. He shared with us some of his personal work which was mostly inspired by the sexuality and the negative side of porn.
After the lunch break we had the pleasure to assist to the Titleshow. Hilarious time for everyone!
BUCK came back as well today. He presented the same work as yesterday, but to be honest we can't get bored of watching it!
Edouard Salier, really well respected French film director, graphic artist, designer, photographer and music video director; Edouard Salier is it all. Today we had the chance to see some of his old work and his two last video clip for the bands: "Justice" and "Massive attack". Really good!
Physalia, the creative and experimental studio from Barcelona, came back. Their speech was better prepared today and its always a pleasure to watch at their work of course!
After the drinks break, Ben and Julia, crazy French/Swiss couple dressed in weird psycho bunny and doctor, were talking.. Well only Ben was talking as Julia couldn't (see at the pictures). They will soon exhibit in Paris. Check at their work. It's fantastic. Completely crazy, but fantastic.
Before the end of the day David Wilson presented his work again. Even though he made the same joke as yesterday - we are still laughing. Really good video clips by the way. The last one got published on internet yesterday: " You don't know how lucky you are - Keaton Henson".

Of course the night was reserved another surprise. David Wilson and his DJ's friend Beyond Golden, will make the party with some of his cool visuals.  

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