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Sunday, 9 October 2011


Today was the last day of the Playgrounds Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. The program was not as booked as the last two days but we still had amazing artists speaking.

Some of them though, had already presented their work earlier in the festival. But, of course we didn't get bored to listen to them again.

So after the welcome opening, the dutch design studio HEYHEYHEY got to talk again.  They were already with us in Amsterdam on Thursday. Check on their website if you wanna know more about them and what they do. www.heyheyhey.nl

STUDIO TAKT was next. Music, sound and design company based in the heart of the Netherlands, they make music and sound for all types of media like motion design, animation, television and so on... I haven't got the chance to see their presentation unfortunately - but I heard that listening to their work in this giant room at the playgrounds was absolutely amazing. You should check out their site on www.studio-takt.com

TOKYOPLASTIC shared his work with us at Tilburg again. We already loved it in Amsterdam, we still do here! More info on: www.tokyoplastic.com

After the lunch break JASON BRUGES STUDIO presented his work. The studio comprises an experienced team of architects, lighting designers, specialists in interaction, industrial design and project managers. They create interactive spaces and surfaces that sit between the worlds of architecture, interaction design and site-specific installation art.  They presented different installations they've made inside or outside buildings, subway station etc. It was, I must say, pretty impressive! www.jasonbruges.com
STUDIO AKA, London-based studio came next. It's an animation production company. It is internationally known for its idiosyncratic and innovative work. Between many other things, it presented its last short movie called "A morning Stroll" (based on a true story: "The chicken"). For more info you can visit the website: www.studioaka.co.uk
ENCYCLOPEDIA PICTURA was next. As Thursday in Amsterdam the pictures were not permitted... Shame!

A quick drinks break before SEHSUCHT. They Direct and Produce cutting-edge digital content. They count more than 30 design-obsessed individuals that are united in their aspiration to further push the boundaries of storytelling. ‘We tear down imaginary walls and leave footprints that change the way we think, feel and dream.’ Nicely said. Thanks to them we saw a few of their work and had some explanations about how they've made it (example about their commercial for Lamborghini or one they've made for MTV. ). It was a really (full of humour) presentation as well! Check their work on: www.sehsucht.de
The festival came to its end with the Playgrounds Awards. See you next year hopefully and thank you to the festival, the artists the public and so on. Without one of them the Playground Festival wouldn't be here every year!
Manon Feval | TYP3D.

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