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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

TYP3D @ Playgrounds Festival 2011

A recap for those already informed - and a news flash for those designers living underneath a rock. Playgrounds Festival is bringing a top line of speakers and workshops for digital arts and motion graphics lovers from across the world. An open festival showing the process and creative inspirations of the masterminds behind their designs.

The festival starts Oct 5th in Amsterdam to Oct 6th & 7th in Tilburg. For all those trapped in front of screens for those dates - TYP3D will be reporting the festival events live on Twitter and reviewing daily 
from the lovely multimedia artist Manon. From artist on the TYP3D company directory here's a couple of the many favourites speaking: 

Prologue is an unstoppable Title design company, any big blockbuster film you see that has paid attention to detail on the titles is probably done by Kyle Cooper - the name of Film title design and title sequences.  One of the first speakers on, make sure you don't sleep in or have made an important meeting inconveniently scheduled on Weds 05 /12pm / Amsterdam.

Physalia showed their advanced creative playground with designing event titles with the unbelievable piece from Mad MMX (MADinSpain2010). Stepped up visuals for 3D typography using a 3D scanner to create unique mapping. Make sure you check them out at playgrounds.  Speaking in Weds 05 / 2.40pm / Amsterdam and Thurs 06 / 3.20pm / Tilburg.

The masters of motion are a LA / NY studio called Buck have a diverse range of work. Dabbling in everything to do with broadcast & film, advertising & retail. Seeing projects out from concept to delivery. I'm not sure if there's anything they can't do with 3d typography!
Weds 05 / 4.30pm / Amsterdam and Thurs 06 / 2.00pm / Tilburg

Onesize bets all. With their talents ranging from film titles, event openers and enough motion graphics and 3D typography to set a IDN logo on fire.  Plug it into your diary as they are speaking only on the Weds 05 / 5.10pm / Amsterdam. Don't miss out.

The mixed media specialists, need I say more. On a side note their "Panic Program" online looks cool, an area for showcasing the best in international emerging talent. Wed 05 / 11.20am / Amsterdam

What motion graphics company has Mate not worked for? PYSOP, matheuniverse.. A director with a world of knowledge. His style has been described as “deconstructionist abstract”, with three-dimensional objects creating impressing effects of space and depth. Check out on Fri 07 / 4.30pm / Tilburg

Her work has been posted here on TYP3D. Graphic designer Jennifer Deniz Cirpici inviting you to hear all about her secret tricks and tips of the freelance world, design school to real world. Graduates should keep an inspirational ear out! Catch her at Fri 07 / 10.30am / Tilburg

Don't forget to thank the host! These guys know what they're talking about, also know how to put an awesome event together. 

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