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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Melbourne PauseFest - Artist Sneak Peak Line Up.

PauseFest Digital Artists.
Choose your location, Choose your meditation. As described in the event information from Pausemix a free event (amongst many others) on Thursday 6.30 - 11.00pm. The assortment of digital artist at this festival will explode the inspired mind of digital installations, motion graphics, animation, audio and projection mappings and the cue for new digital technologies and inspiration. PauseFest is going to be jam-packed full of new and experienced artist, it's going to be a design bender. I have selected a couple of the projects and visuals to check out:
Studio Equator | Jon Baginski | Netzair | Transparent TV - GXM | Paul Callaghan | Matt Lambert - Motionographer | Exertion Games Lab | Efozy | Kirby Ferguson | Boffswana | Graham Elliot 
Broken Pixel Productions - Jayson Haebich
Gestalten TV - Alex Tobin 
Skare Media - Chris Starring.


Various PauseFest Artist

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