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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Melbournes First Digital Festival Continued..

The past couple of days have been full fresh content from our digital buddies. Audiences filling up great venues like Community Kitchen Garden in Melbourne Central Mall and Loop Bar to speakers local and international. It's been a battle of interactive new gaming experiences and project mapping with Audio visuals. While there where hidden glimpses of 3D typography, I got my hands dirty on other new digital technology. 
Plus a good bunch of upcoming animation students and Gestaltens TV screening night on the Wednesday with interesting behind the scenes look at artists and their inspiration (Feat. Type designer Erik Speikermann, Shepard Fairey.) A well enjoyed and visually rich animation shown on PauseEDU night by Mac 'n' Cheese students from the Netherlands.

When they said it was Melbournes first digital festival, they did mean it.. with the content seen here not hitting the social media rat race (In a couple of weeks for those who are patient). Actually work from Malaysian based Efozy had only been rendered an hour before  presenting on late Thursday night his Audio poetry clip of Melbourne city - filmed and edited in 7 days prior his Thursday night session. Here's a showreel of theirs anyway..

Party display specialists Blue MD showed interactive visual media stretched across the whole level one bridge of Melbourne Central. People coming and going through the night, having a dance in front of the screen to a VJ/DJ set.
A lot more installations / projections and interviews coming these ways.

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