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Friday, 11 November 2011

Motion Graphics and Moonlight at PauseFest Melbourne

Sounds, views and visuals From PauseFest brought on by the various screening locations around Melbourne, welcoming any international visiter straight to Melbournes hot spots. Pause'n'chill at Federation Square chilled the afternoon out with Music from DJs Haha industries and screenings of PressPausePlay and A film about Fear, Hope and Digital Culture by David Dworsky and Victor K√∂hler. 
Later on that evening an intercept screening of all things weird, wonderful and technical about Motion Graphics at Loop Bar. And the way too top off the evening with a Pause screening at Rooftop Bar, with pieces from Danny Yount, Plenty Tv etc. Some highlighted new studios were Spatial Harmonics Group , Hi Organic , Momentary People and the collaboration of Resonance Film

Go check out the rest of the events before the week is over! Plenty more screenings and speakers over the weekend. More Details HERE. 

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