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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The PAUSE Review

The Pausefest week continued.. Pause Central, PROpause, Pause and Play. Installations, interactive, projections, motion graphics, animation, digital arts, guerilla, VJs / DJs, after parties everything a digital arts festival needs. All within a week. Tired but completely inspired by the weeks events.  
Through out the week Melbourne Central has been a hub for experimental showcase, company showcases and interactive design with awesome installations and projections. Projection mapping by VJ/DJ BlueMD and Netzair. New technology gurus GXM with their M.O.V.E Transparent TV showing a rotating 3D Pause logo in the background opens the doors for advertising and presentation displays.  
This innovative architectural installation consists of a curvilinear inflatable structure, complex light patterns and a dynamic audio-scape. It was developed by Performative Architecture Studio at the University of Melbourne in 2011.
Not to mention a great line of speakers and fresh motion screenings. On the Friday - The digital experience masters studio Boffswana, showed us how to push the boundaries of projection mapping and full 3D experience. And their cool smile interface for visuals to interact with how much you're smiling. 
We all herded into the ACMI theater for Pause and Play 1, Introduced by George Hedon viewing all motion graphics and animations on a large screen. Really impressive seeing the Pause title variations and opening festival titles full size!
Saturday was back to back screenings at the cool gallery / function warehouse Rancho Notorious. With more chances to see more details and finessed camera shots for the Opening titles done by the Brisbane studio Breeder
The premier screening of Graham Elliot's film - New York in Motion, captivated the audience with high end designers and film makers telling us why they love New York as a place for creative inspiration and motion graphics. Very cool, if you get the chance to see it - I highly recommend it. Featuring - Blur, Imaginary Forces, History of the title sequence, Shilo, PYSOP.
Saturday nights last show was a various of motion graphics selection made by Matt Lambert, Editor-at-large and film maker from Motionographer, technics from stop motion, stereoscopic, live action, humorous wacky animations. Here's the list of the picks from Motionographer.
Now it's the last day with the festival coming to a close with the Best of the Fest Screening at Rancho Notorious.

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