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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

PauseFest Opening Night

All the hard work of the festival curators showed last night for the Opening show at Loop Bar, Melbourne and opened the week long festival with excitement. 
And it wouldn't be a festival without Opening Festival titles. The directors at Breeder used a "lab experiment" style cinematography, with hand made typography on labels etc. One of the only non-animated pieces from the screening having the same feel of Danny Younts "Six Feet Under" Title Sequence or the OFF Festival 2009 Barcelona type treatments. While the idea had been done the production value was top notch by Brisbane studio Breeder. Can't show you the titles till after the festival. (One of the Priveledges of being at the festival) But here's Breeders debut showreel.

After if you found a seat due to (full capacity house - a good thing) you were grounded for a good couple of hours watching the splendors of Artist work coming up in this festival. A couple of regular festival show stoppers on the design list were Physalia, Plenty.tv and many new found glories for TYP3D. 
It was and is all about having fun and creating something that you love for inner peace at Stupid Studio - "A full service" design studio.
A highlight was the stunning architectural infographics work done by Squint Opera. Especially the "City" motion graphics piece with each infographic using 3D typography. Graphic for Christchurchs Earthquake below.
The crazy and witty food architects of Sam Pompas and Harry Parr on Gestalten  TV who can make anything out of jelly! 

Other highlight showreels were The Mill , Brand New School , Futuredeluxe . To finish off with a DJ set and a chat to PauseFestians at this alleyway Loop Bar.

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