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Friday, 11 November 2011

Squint Opera speak at PROpause

Thursday PRO Pause was sun ridden at the Community kitchen Garden. Director Foo Chi from Squint Opera - the Architectural Storytellers told us their story about using film and motion graphics to communicate Architectural ideas and issues from the moment they recieve a brief to storyboarding to final product. It's the story the Architects want to say. Squint Opera is a niche and effective, not to mention visually exciting company with a unique way of communicating. 
A great example of this communication is the "The City" infographics for the Global Cities Website commissioned by Aecom uses 3D typography to individually describe the economic and environmental problems. Loving the type treatment. Foo Chi says it's all about keeping animations to the 3 minute mark.

CG animation is just another discipline at Squint Opera. With stunning CG and polished video production of Architectural environments - here's a good example fo what they're are capable of. For the real estate development of Abu Dhabi - Sowwah Island.

In this new digital media world, taking the intiative and finding a specific area of digital production to be explored, communicated and developed is what Squint has done. Telling a story and telling it well. Squint Opera the Architectural storytellers.

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