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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stefan Sagmeister's The Happy Film - Sneak Peaks for 2012

Stefan Stagmeisters film (Currently in production) "The Happy Film" is due to release in Mid 2012. 
Can we change our behavior to make us happier? The Happy Film Rock-N-Rolla graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister looks deep into researching the pursuit of happiness, mind training and personal well-being through meditation, cognitive therapy, and pharmaceuticals.. And will be done the way Sagmeister knows how.. from the sublime to the ridiculous. Should be interesting. 
The film has already had mass support and following, and not to mention funding - as was posted up on the great rolling-stone-idea-website Kickstarter. A great site with upcoming creative adventures. Keep an eye on it - Make sure you sign up to there newsletter! Here's a couple of stills from the Movie itself.  
As the movies title sequence has already been released HERE.   

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