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Thursday, 22 March 2012

OFFF 2012 Festival Speaker Line Up

Let's feed the future at this years OFFF Festival 2012 Barcelona May 17, 18, 19th, the huge European design-of-all-sorts festival previously held at various locations of New York, Lisbon, Paris. If you want saturation of graphic design, motion graphics, film, digital design, art, music and some of the best selected in the industry you best be on you way. And if you can't make it to the great venue TYP3D is going to be covering it all for you! Check out the schedule here of the 3 day full festival. This years line-up involves type designers Andreu Balius , Linda Zacks , Co-founder of Behance Network Matias Corea. Also to cast your mind around is the technical interactive, installation and new media designers - Memo Akten  Hellicar & Lewis , Johnathan Harris .

As Upperfirst snatched the 2012 OFFF festival titles with Brosmind and Big Surprise, but for me it was the honest talent of their showreel tingly all visual FX, motion graphics and film senses of direction and visual production. They have done a few festival titles themselves and 3D type is never to far off their artboards. Catch the Main Title Premier at 7.30pm Saturday.

Awesome OFFF 2010 titles done by The Mill.

A definite favourite company of mine - known as a specialized film title design company and now with international expansion of offices in Hollywood, Hong Kong and Shanghai they produce a large range of work across the digital platform of films, television, commercials, gaming and new media. However, I will always introduce yU+Co as the global award winning Film Title Company. Film titles done by yU+Co - Green Lantern, Watchmen, 300, Fractured, Mission Impossible 2, Aeon Flux, Terminal, The Last Shot and so so many more. Check them out at OFFF Festival 7.30pm Friday.

Advertising brand and interactive hot shots Attik have a Ferrai showroom of popular client work to grace their productions. Their own brand identity of smart, well polished and business leading creativity with careful execution will make them a very interesting talk to hear. See the swagger at 6.30pm Friday.

I Love Dust
I Love Dust supporting some good looking studios for their artistic buzz in the glorious atmosphere of East London. I love their melting digital art 3D type, which is just a small part of the animation, illustration, product and type boutique studio. It's all there on their website - pay a visit and check them out at 4pm Friday.

Jessica Hische
Caught me looking. Her work is a mad dash of girlie twirls and pretty flowers but is damn stunning and intricate. Jessica Hische’s work has set out a unique and consistant style of typography and vector illustration combined with elegance and detail. Hear her speak at 7.30pm Thursday.

SNASK is a Brand, Design and Film agency situated in the heart of Stockholm. While I'm not sure at this stage if they're actually speaking anymore, they are on the artist list and regardless would be one to see at a design festival. Let's enjoy a little 3D type snippet of their work and see what happens in May.

Schedule here again.

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