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Thursday, 24 May 2012

agIdeas International Design Forum 2012 Pt:1

Day one at agIdeas International Design Forum 2012. We found ourselves submerged in a creative environment at Melbourne Exhibition Center. Speakers from all over the world shared their views on different aspects of design. Although hunting around for your skinny flat white or strong latte was tricky, the forum was well organised and stress free. The highlights for the day were computer aided 3D design, Dutchmen running around with typographic t-shirts, 3D glasses, film title design and thoughtful animations.
Dana Arnett
To kick it off was Dana Arnett getting comfortable on stage, sharing his process on branding and storytelling in various mediums. His clients have included Converse and Cohan shoes to Harley Davidson and IBM. The presentation was well staged. He showed that Harley Davidson's core equation is "good + bad = Harley Davidson" to divert from it's bird-flipping rebellious image. "The past influences the future" formed the basis for the IBM logo and branding, which have turned up on respectable designer's desks - such as Paul Rand, Ray Eames and Eliot Noyes.

Shaun Tan
Australian favourite Shaun Tan wittily expressed his daily routine through illustrations, the best way he knows how. In his early days he was clueless about life's direction having no real job, no job interviews and no real solid income. In spite of this he later found his way onto winning an Academy Award for his short animated film ‘The Lost Thing.' Was his solitary work flow the reason for his deep meaningful animations, or his strong science fiction influence that produced surrealist dreamlike pictures? In conclusion his children's illustrations create a psychological impression and look at small insignificant things with bigger meanings. "Imagination is a skill that trumps all others... Why is a plug hole shaped like a flower?"

Jon McCormack
It was time to open the mind of technological design solutions and philosophy man, Jon McCormack. Concentrating on the idea that a designer can create a process to design, asking questions like "can a machine originate anything" and move away from being just a tool? He described systems of letting the computer take over in order to create the end solution (a gallery art piece) , to design things you couldn't imagine. Jon delved into eco systems and creative biology to generate his 3D renders. He gave us a goodie bag of words to take home and plug into google like 'emergence' and 'evolution'. Jon McCormack
Anthony Battaglia,
Design Director of BoxTM impressed us with his showreel of various design mediums, from film titles to interactive websites laced with typography goodness.Taking us back to the traditional way of doing film titles on Idiot Box's handcrafted 248 frames, to web design with his interactive "flipboard" style user interface. Some people agonise over trying to be a multi-discplinary designer, but for Anthony, his work seems to have evolved naturally through all media platforms. Some say "you are only as good as your last project" , but with Anthony it is his 20 years of design experience that really shows results. Check out the new website here www.boxtm.com .

Dale Herigstad
The agIdeas crew created a buzz by handing out 3D glasses prior to Dale's talk. Dale showed the common progression of graphic design into motion graphics, to further dive into the more dynamic medium of spatial augmented reality and stereo 3D. Displaying his interface design and examples of contextual space to navigate through sports and gaming. He talked passionately about moving content around and beyond the screen for television and the web. Stay tuned for an interview with Dale on TYP3D!
Charismatic duo Rob and Maarten set up an entertaining last talk for the day. While Maarten was doing all the talking, Rob took off a screen printed typographic t-shirt which provided Maarten with note prompting. Rob threw each shirt into the audience and hopefully to the wailing girl in the stands. It was a great talk, telling us about their inspiration and how they opened up their studio, experimenting with typography in quirky ways. We should all have an inspiration folder on our desktop! Check out their website here www.autobahn.nl
Photographs by Caspian Kai, Chris Staring and Fraser.

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