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Friday, 25 May 2012

agIdeas International Design Forum Pt:2

agIdeas week long festival integrates students, schools, creative industry businesses and designers looking for inspiration. The International Design Forum brings in 40 design leaders and creatives (reaching the 500th speaker this year). All ages are catered for with presentations aimed directly at schools (Secondary school forum) as well as industry (agIdea design for business and industry). From workshops and studio visits to business networking breakfasts, we get to see why agIdeas is an international prestige event. It's been really impressive with the amounts of accents coming from the diverse range of speakers. They have brought with them their passions, project examples plus humorous and serious experiences, both local and international.
"It's business time" with the important art of networking. Starting the second day of agIdeas early was the formal Advantage business breakfast with plenty of coffee and business card swapping on offer. The morning lead us into a careful selection of speakers to appeal to the "CEO" or brand campaign Art Director in the audience. We heard Mauro Porcini, Dale Herigstad and Dana Arnett aim their presentations at the brand.
We then heard from a well established graphic artist Alex Stitt and establishing book designer Jenny Grigg. Process, process, process - It was really good to hear agIdeas speakers show and describe the design process and development behind their works. It was refreshing to see work that you can not find on the internet and is behind the scenes. Jenny showed us a tutorial video of how she makes her designs with paper and I'm still trying to find film titles for Alex Stitts "The Removalists".
Made Thought
Hard working UK graphic designers Paul and Ben from Made Thought explored a selection of projects, detailing simplicity and knowing that exact rewarding moment when a project is finished. Paul showcased some beautifully treated typography and print design and talked about the fun they had creating solutions for clients on a budget. madethought showed how effective simplicity can be. www.madethought.com
Joachim Sauter
3D is a loaded term - there's more to dimensional design than layers in Adobe Creative Suite. He looks to future technologies, platforms and spatial environments. Joachim Sauter founder of the interdisciplinary design firm Art+Com. A Berlin based company defining the term "New Media" since 1988 with an amazing showcase of work and possibilities in the 3D technology realm. His team now consists of designers and programmers. Joachim showed us a timeline of Art+Com projects to date. These included output interfaces such as led screens and video projections. One of his most notable projects was the BMW kinetic sculpture done with metal balls forming the mold of a car. Next was an impressive room-sized 3D anamorphic logo display, creating different visual experiences at different angles for the viewer. It's looking to the future, and what will fill that question mark in the next couple of years to come? www.artcom.de
Thanks Melbourne for being awesome.

Photography by Caspian Kai Pantea and Fraser.

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