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Sunday, 27 May 2012

agIdeas International Design Forum Pt:3

The final day of agIdeas included an exciting list of presentations by designers from across the world. Ken Cato was again stated that agIdeas is cleary no longer "a graphic design" festival, that it is a multi discipline event. There are more conceptual and new media speakers coming through. For those not Australian, the "Tribute to Bruce Weatherhead" (1939-2011) later on in the day was a great look at the history of Graphic Design in Australia. A good article on what Bruce has accomplished can be found here on the AGDA site. with his retro looking design company Jigsaw Factory pictured below. At agIdeas we were not only learning about global design industry influences, but also learning about the amazing city of Melbourne, that holds such a massive event.
In the MCEC auditorium were speakers Marita Leuver and Felipe Tarborda. If family rock bands can get together and work, so can family design firms (up until babies, marriage and disputes take over). "Leuver, Leuver, Leuver and Leuver" was a once family design studio and is now just leuverdesigns (www.leuverdesign.com.au) by Marita Leuver, who shared her work and career highlights. Marita talked about dedication, commitment and passion to her job. She made the point that "just because you have an oven doesn't make you a good chef". Enthusiastic graphic designer Felipe Tarborda danced onto stage in true Rio-style to present a passionate speech about good design causes. Felipe has been involved in a lot of cultural design.. like GlobALL Mix - 30 posters for a sustainable world (which he showed) and Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. www.felipetaborda.com.br
Ree Treweek
Concept, illustration, direction and character development were showcased by the imaginative and laid back Ree Treweek. We went deep into an "alice in wonderland" process and she took us into her fun reality of detailed drawing and fantasy art from her South African cultural influences. Being part of the collective The black heart gang and Shy the Sun she created a perfect work environment to host an illustrators dream job and feed her imagination. Impressive concepts and characters drawn for The Beatles Rock Band Game, United Airlines and Clover Milk "Way Better" are definitely worth checking out. These guys are up to big things - www.theblackheartgang.com and www.shythesun.tv
Don't forget the 3D production company Passion Pictures, who have turned Ree Treweeks amazing concepts and illustrations into 3D animation and impressive CGI. Passion Pictures are a true industry heavyweight and between their sister companies Passion, Passion Raw and Strange Beast they represent over 60 of the best directors in the industry. Established in 1987, Passion offers work on commercials, digital, shorts, features, music videos, computer games, websites and live events. To view more of their work check out Pausefest page link here. 

In serious manner, Australian artist Ash Keating took us through his conceptual installation work dealing with social and environmental issues. Pursing other careers didn't work out and always led him back to art. He created the interesting and close to home project "Gardensity". Created from early 2010 to late 2011 for the 6th SCAPE Biennial of Art in Public Space, Christchurch, New Zealand. Gardensity was developed in the months preceding the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch and the surrounding region on 4 September 2010. The project was intended to be a visual catalyst for an open and freeflowing online discussion about the future of Christchurch city. www.gardensity.co.nz

Marian Bantjes
"Just because they reject you, well... fuck them."Straight to the point, Marian knows what she's talking about when it comes to clients, freelancing and solving visual conundrums. "I've turned down many commissions because of the puerile ad copy." It was a pleasure seeing her hand-crafted typography work and her interest in designing to structural grids, with the likes of The National (band) music posters. The posters involved designs aimed at different lighting conditions. Her print design work also included an impressive mirrored print poster and hidden furniture design messages. While the rest of the speakers all talked about process, Marian proclaimed to not be particularly interested in process as she does it all in her head. Her style is typography based with a strong use of patterns embedded into the art, instead of simply overlaying a font. She is also interested in pursuing film and has tried the art of title making. www.bantjes.com
The 3 day forum then came to a finale, with Ken Cato bringing the past speakers all up on stage. The audience was then able to head up on stage and converse with the speakers and take photos. To finish on a collective note, the week-long forum was capped off by a formal discourse dinner and Unite after party sponsored by Artisan (www.getartisan.com.au), at the amazing venue of the National Gallery of Victoria. Further photos and film of the event and studio visits will be available online on the TYP3D Flickr and Vimeo. Catch you next year at agIdeas 2013.
Photographed by Caspian Kai and Fraser Macedo

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