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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

OFFF Festival Barcelona 2012 Photos & Review Pt 2

The final half of the final day at OFFF festival Barcelona 2012, apart from catching the flu, everyone had a great time at OFFF this year with amazing work from inspirational artists. For those who made it - hope you enjoyed your time, and for those who didn't, check out the following posts for links, artist and event photos (Almost as if you were there!). Looking forward to what OFFF will bring next year! Opening titles sounded amazing - stay tuned to see those. 
Matt Lambert
Matt Lambert, as a filmmaker and artist, presented his films and showed recent projects of multidisciplinary art collective Bare Bones.
Andre Balius
Andreu Balius showed his typefaces and told a story behind the scene. With love and passion he creates amazing fonts and treats every letter as precious. His typefaces have characters, souls, sense of humor, they are able to transform and live their own creative lives.
Jonathan Harris
Interesting and very personal works presented Jonathan Harris. Showing details of his own everyday life he is telling stories about the creation and world.
Emil Kosak
Amazing sources of inspiration and even more amazing result. Emil Kozak finds his ideas almost everywhere and it's almost impossible to recognize the point where everything had started.
The Closing, But Opening Titles
At the closing show Brosmind and Upper First presented awesome main titles of OFFF 2012 Barcelona. That crazy collaboration of north and south created amazingly crazy result. And as cool surprise everyone got cool comic book (in 2 volumes!) with action, drama and unicorns =)
Photographed and reviewed by the lovely Olga Mishyna.  
Please feel free to contact about any photos and content. Photos will be on the TYP3D Flickr channel very soon!

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