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Sunday, 20 May 2012

OFFF Festival Barcelona - Day 2

Day Two at Offf festival Barcelona with speakers Fantasy Interactive, Memo Atken, Hellicar & Lewis, I Love Dust, Sehsucht, Physalia, Yuko Shimuzo, Joshua Dawis...
Fantasy Interactive
First speakers on the main stage was Fantasy Interactive. They showed and told amazing stories about their projects for google, creating awesome website for Anniversary of Civil War and how they run their offices around the world.
Memo Atken
The work of Memo Atkins is based on one stamen: build the piano and then you can play. So he is designing wonderful and beautiful projects mostly based on programming and combining the harmony of physics and nature.
Hellicar & Lewis
Great story about the way from completely commercial project with Coca-Cola and Maroon5 to the app for kid's therapy from Hellicar & Lewis.
I Love Dust
Guys from I love Dust showed introduced their showcases that they really love and had enough freedom. They are trying to have as much fun as possible no matter what!
Sehsucht played with the audience's attention and show their point of view on motion production. Creating their 3D motions, they are trying to tear down imaginary walls and change the way people think.
Yuko Shimuzo
Yuko Shimizu was inspiring OFFF's visitors with her story of success and how is it possible to convert the feature of yourself that you hate the most to the most powerful tool of your talent.
After presenting main titles at the opening, Physalia made full presentation of their works on the 2nd day. They love making motion, but even more they love to making 'making of'. So they presented one of those videos that is fake! But though even more interesting)
Jelly Bean
In the openroom Jellycube from Belgium told about their passion to the analogue way of making motion. They showed all the process 'making of' introducing videos form OFFF: from picking stuff at flea-markets to the final cut.
Joshua Davis
Do what you really like, put it your portfolio and people will pay you for that, use your mistakes to create something new, be brave and all great things gonna happen to you… All these advices and much more inspiring secrets Joshua Davis shared with the audience. And he has amazing sense of humor too! =)
Photographed and Reviewed by Manon & Olga. Check out rest of photos on TYP3D Flickr channel.

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