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Friday, 18 May 2012

OFFF Festival Barcelona - Day One Opening

Welcome to TYP3D coverage of OFFF Festival Barcelona - Day one

Festival started with opening, where Physalia studio presented main titles with Doce and Fall on your world show on the main stage. It was incredibly impressive. And just after the opening Adobe presented new products. http://vimeo.com/41825511
Folch Studio
In the other OpenRoom at the same time different studios where presenting their showcases. Folch studio talked about their experience in making magazines with and without rules and guides. Playing with type, layout and compositions they have made great job and great presentation!
Champange Valantine
On the main stage Champange Valentine presented all his works and told about all the small and big steps he made achieving his goals from the artistic beginning to the commercial success.
Lucy Mcrae
Almost everybody know the singer Rodin and her last videos http://youtu.be/ofbiKzpPPFg and http://youtu.be/1zVECruSI3k and not everybody knows how much it did take to make all those amazing effects. So Lucy McRae not only told about making of, but also showed all little secrets.
Catalina estrada
Catalina Estrada was talking about patterns, wallpapers and fashion textile. Her works look like heaven images and the list of her clients impress: Paul Smith, Coca-Cola, Microsoft Zune, Sony Music, Nike, Levis and etc.
All photos from Day One will be able to be checked on TYP3D Flickr channel very soon!
Photographed and Reviewed by Manon and Olga.

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