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Monday, 21 May 2012

OFFF Festival Barcelona Final photos & Review Pt 1

Day Three at OFFF Festival Barcelona with a huge line up of artist and the premier of the Opening Film Titles. Here's the first half of the day:
Amazingly artistic works were presented by Found. They are exploring contemporary phenomenon connected to the internet, forgetting and interaction. Every project has deep concept and gets a lot of attention.
Santa Marta
SantaMarta advertising agency were talking about inspiration and the difference between stealing and coping. "I really want to say: when I need some inspiration I'm going to the museum or for a walk, but let's face the truth: we all open our laptops and go to the ffffound, designspiration and etc."
Linda Zacks
Linda Zacks described her world and showed every small detail of her inspiration and living, because her life is not just living, it's about being inspired and creating something.
Mario Lombardo
Mario Lombardo presented his showcases from the starting point to the final product. And someway he always gets only 2 week to design project. In the end he ask audience for a big smile for his Facebook =)
We Choose Fun
Hilarious app "Diesel cunnilingus simulator" that never came to appStore, but great experience for the next projects. We Choose Fun are producing app for literally having fun. They pay attention to a very single detail and the result is great.
Photography and Reviews by Olga Mishyna.

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