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Sunday, 3 June 2012

agIdeas Design Studio Visits 2012

Studio Access evening was another part of agIdeas week long conference (www.agIdeas.net). Forty various studios around Melbourne city opened their doors for the evening of May 23rd to students and creatives alike. From print based companies to motion graphics to advertising firms, all put on a evening to introduce their creative cribs. 
XYZ Studio
XYZ if you haven't heard of them already they do amazing work in the commercial motion graphics department; with great attention to Art Direction creating unique motion treatments and results. When you think of funky design studio you think of: artwork on the toliet walls, design heavy bookshelves, and a spa on the balcony. Yes, XYZ had all of these, and also share the building with the moving image directors at Crayon Studio.
www.xyzstudios.com / www.wearecrayon.com 
We were lucky enough to hear from Director Tim Hentley and Producer Katie Mackin about selected projects. They showed us the process behind the direction of Ribena "Home Coming" Commercial from start to finish with initial pitches, character modeling and sketches. This was done using the original Ribena storyboard and creating an updated 3D animated / CGI rendered piece. Very cool. Here you can see the results.

Also Tim went into an early project expressing the importance about being original, even if it involves a pain staking process to achieve those results. The "I Want One" Honda advert involved drawing and illustrating each individual frame for this 30 second clip. But at the end of the day, it was noticed and different to any other advert out there at the time. It shows how successful an original style can be. "I Want One" Honda clip here:
The work of impressive Art Direction is endless from XYZ. One last video from that night is the "Journey" for Dodge, a combination of live action and animation. To view more of their work make sure to check out the XYZ vimeo section. XYZ Vimeo Page.

Emery Studio
"What is the studio behind that great looking website?" We arrived late night to Emery's massive and industrial architectural studio. One word to describe them is professional.  Deeply serious Garry and Bilyana talked about communications design across various mediums. Emery Studio doesn't focus on one area of design, but on what is tailored to the brief and specific brand requirements of the client. Being in the industry for 20 years, they know what they're are talking about. Make sure you check their website www.emerystudio.com 
Thanks to the studios for letting us have a nosy, and for the studios we didn't have enough time to view hopefully catch you next when in Melbourne.  
Photographed by Caspian Kai, Chris Staring.

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