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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Show Us Your Type

Show Us Your Type is a typographic gold mine and artist platform on the web. Displaying collections of typography posters about different cities around the world. Each designers submission has a different perspective and type treatment of the selected "visited" city. Combining the love of travel and design - Cities so far have been Berlin, Moscow, Melbourne, New York, Hong Kong. Kingston and El Cairo and recently Barcelona. It's great way to get talented designers recognized, and open the opportunity to exhibit at remote locations worldwide. Check out the website for upcoming events and latest posters. www.showusyourtype.com 
Here's their exhibition at OFFF Festival in Barcelona. where Show Us Your Type curated a Special Edition collection of posters specifically for the festival.

A little collection of favorite posters from the site. The next city project for Show Us Your Type to show is Beirut - find out how to participate HERE.
Adam Ellison / Alvaro Luna
Antiheroe / Carlitos Adan
Dani Requena & Alex Marull / Dani Requena
Genis / Giga Kobidze
Ignasi Font / Margarida Castel Branco

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