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Friday, 6 July 2012

Jon McCormack's Interactive Environments

As a follow up from the agIdeas post on Jon McCormack's projects. Descriptions from Vimeo.

Flicker from Jon McCormack on Vimeo.
Flicker is an immersive electronic environment of generative image and sound. A collaborative work with Oliver Bown. Based on biological models of firefly behaviour, Flicker generates an ever shifting rhythmic, meditative environment to the viewer. Flicker uses 4 channels of synchronised high definition video and 8 channels of sound to immerse the viewer in a phenomenologically rich environment of artificial life.

Eden: an evolutionary sonic ecosystem from Jon McCormack on Vimeo.
Documentation of the interactive ecosystem "Eden" by Jon McCormack.

Eden is an interactive, self-generating, artificial ecosystem. A cellular world is populated by collections of evolving virtual creatures. Creatures move about the environment, making and listening to sounds, foraging for food, encountering predators and possibly mating with each other. Over time, creatures evolve to fit their landscape. Eden has four seasons per year and each year lasts 600 eden days. One eden year passes by in about fifteen minutes of real time. Sensors in the space track the movement of people. The longer someone stays, the more food is produced for the virtual creatures around the area where that person is standing. If the work produces sounds that are interesting, people will most likely stay longer. So over time, the creatures lean that by making interesting sequences of sound, they can attract and keep visitors around, increasing their food supply and hence, chances of survival. All the sound you hear is generated by the artwork.

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