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Friday, 13 July 2012

Spotlight Studio 3D work: Tendril Studio

Spotlight this week in on Studio Tendril. With an amazing portfolio of 3D graphics and VFX in film and design. Producing a lot of work with 3D typography. With an open studio door friendly Canadian work ethic based in Toronto, these guys create 'powerful visual storytelling experiences'. Here's some of their featured work. But check out the rest at www.studio.tendril.ca

To Do List is a personal project about the things Tendril director Daniel Luna and longtime collaborator/friend Yaniv Fridman cherish and aspire to do in their every day lives.

Production Company: Tendril Design+Animation Inc.
Created by: Yaniv Fridman, Daniel Luna
Music & Sound Design: Roger Lima of WhiteNoise Lab

Production Company: Tendril Design+Animation Inc.
Concept and Direction: Vini Nascimento
Title Design: Chris Bahry
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Music & Sound Design: John Black of CypherAudio
3D Animation: Alexandre Torres, Vini Nascimento
Particles and FX Animation: Chris Bahry
Lighting & Render: Alexandre Torres
Compositing: Chris Bahry

Client: CBC
Production Company: Frantic Films / CBC
Post Production + VFX: Tendril Design+Animation Inc.
Directed and Written by: Marc DeGuerre
Producer: Carolyn Jacob
Design Direction: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Music & Sound Design: Rose Bolton
Director of Photography: D. Gregor Hagey
3D Artists: Chris Bahry, Vini Nascimento, Gabriel Rocha, Alexandre Torres
2D Animation: Leo Mateus, Gabriel Rocha
Compositors: Chris Bahry, Leo Mateus, Gabriel Rocha

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