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Friday, 24 August 2012

Stairway Cinema by OH.NO.SUMO

I'm quite a fan of independent cinemas from rooftop to drive-ins, to art house screenings in restored retro buildings. Reinvigorating the movie-going experience an Auckland-based experimental design group OH.NO.SUMO have created a new form of movie watching with a pop-up cinema called 'Stairway Cinema.' Part of St Paul St Gallery’s Curatorial Season 2012.
"Our ongoing goal is to experiment with architecture and the way it can engage with the public in unique and exciting ways. This project takes inspiration from the site and its inhabitants. Short movies previously shared online, are projected for the public to enjoy, offering similar media to that sought out on their phones. The individual experience is exchanged for the communal and social, leading to a shared, fun and architecturally framed experience. Movies are collected from internet recommendations that have been shared by the public through social media. The public curate this virtual collection of media continuously and the cinema captures current trends and highlights within this realm. Stairway Cinema uses architecture as a way of engaging in a discussion about curatorial practice, urbanism and the role of Architects as place-makers and provocateurs." - OH.NO.SUMO

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