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Sunday, 23 September 2012

GDFB Festival 2012 - Part 2

The Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB) 2012 continued with another full day of lectures and workshops. Here are some of the designers / studios who lectured on the Friday Sept 21. To see full event photography check out the gallery here

Circus Family
Circus Family is a duo of designers specializing in motion, animation design and visual effects. But they are not only making the motion videos, they work with entire space giving attention to the building and interior they are working with. Amazing combination of typography, motion and graphic design, and 3d mapping gives a complete and harmonic result with superb effect on audience. They designed all main titles and videos in collaboration with Rob van Hoesel for the festival. Check out festival branding here.

Rob van Hoesel
Rob van Hoesel is a graphic designer specializing in book design. He shared with everybody his secret inspirational sources: old Lego magazines and book about nature with very classic illustrations. After that trip to Rob's childhood, he represented his current works. One of them was about the book for a textile company, they took a layout of the book and made a fabric for spine and bounding out of it. So the little details and hidden treasures you can always find at his works.
Studio Sigma Delta
Studio Sigma Delta actually is one person. Sumarty Schiffer is her name. Working a lot with Dutch and American design Sumarty found out that the entire concept of designing is very different. Dutch way of designing is more about science and research, as in compare american' style is more emotional and erratic. As she said: if the Dutch' is sober, american one is drunk!
Franchesco Franchi
"The challenge when creating an infographic is to combine and organize data in order to tell a story that can be an alternative to writing an article". As a legendary designer of IL's infographic spreads, Franchesco told the complete story about creating and redesigning the IL magazine. They have changed not only the logo, but using an old grid, designed by Karl Gerstner in 1962, they created the complete new way of showing the articles and material. Using different number of columns and highlighting with a color the narrative story text was continuing form one page to another skipping the place for other stories. No more of reading boring straight columns, instead an interesting adventure through the magazine.
Emil Kozak
This time Emil Kozak was introducing the new design for Duvel glass. The great presentation took action at JFK14, but before that he told a bit more about his work in general. Dell projects and inspiration where all the ideas came from, a lot of different design for skateboards, snowboards and even textile patterns for sportswear and wallpapers: everything on what his great illustration and patters could be applied.
Brilliant after breakfast
A lot of designers are sitting at their offices waiting for a client. Brilliant after breakfast definitely are not one of them - Once they get an idea, they design it! Nice interactive projects between reality and imaginary world. One of those crazy projects was for Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. They've made an application for the mobile phones, that was scanning the masterpieces on museum's walls and showed it with different provocative 'guerrilla style' texts. They didn't get permission from Rijksmuseum, but they've made it and it was brilliant!

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