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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

GDFB Festival 2012 Workshops

Along with hearing inspirational lectures, the 5 day long Graphic Design Festival Breda program also offered hands-on design workshops. The festival was about visual storytelling through social context and public space, with workshops available to schools and professionals in various locations it connected designers to the visual culture of the city. Letterproeftuin and Tempting Typography were highlights involving carefully hand done typography in print and environmental type on shop fa├žades.
In the House of Visual Culture was exhibition of Letterproeftuin. Different kinds of technics were represented in there. Every morning during the festival days visitors were able to participate in Letterproeftuin workshop. During the hour and a half participants were designing their own poster and printing it in couple of copies using woodcutter details and letters, mixing oil-based inks and experimenting with press.

Tempting Typography
Tempting Typography workshop by Studio Airport was going on from Wednesday to Friday. At the end the results of these days were represented at the windows of shops on St. Annestraat. Starting on Wednesday morning participants of workshop were practicing a lot and making sketches, and in the end made beautiful lettering just on the windows. Owners of the shops and curators of workshop gave complete freedom and the result was great!
 For more photos from the workshop events check out here.

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