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Friday, 21 September 2012

Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012

The 5 day Graphic Design Festival in Breda started yesterday September 19th with workshops, lectures, performances, exhibitions and urban classes with 125 international designers. TYP3D is covering the festival by design writer Olga Mishyna for all fresh European inspiration. Stay tuned for more coverage and reviews. 
The Graphic Design Festival Breda (Netherlands) is spread out all over the city center. Every location is marked with a huge sign just like on the guide map. Informational center and shop with books, catalogs, posters and some useful information situated in House of Visual Culture. Lectures are going on in locations of Churches. Lutherse Church and Waalse Church these days are like playgrounds for designers.
Speaker highlights were unique Belgium designer Dominique AmpeVahram Muratyan presenting his awesome project Paris versus New York. He Explained from the very beginning (his interesting childhood) to the last point of printing the book every form and idea.  
We then heard from Julien Simhauser - the very young, but super talented German designer showed his student works to what he is doing now as a commercial designer. From his point of view if you are going to do what you really like it's going to lead you to the happiness and success. Next the guys from Catalogtree who work on crazy amounts of data and design awesome infographics. They represented great project about Wall Street Collapse in details and told about some difficulties and how they worked with them.  
Philip Schuette introduced interesting website-project, which converts any word into image. You can type and share you visual message with anyone Image typewriter. Then the Alphabet of creativity was showed and explained by Cobenhagen Hendriksen onto Me Studio amazing lifestory by founder came a long way from lazy boy drawings instead of studying to the head of own studio. Every step was a lesson, every experience was useful.  
Last up typographer Maartin from Autobahn entertained their audience with a Type Quiz.

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