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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Retro History of the BBC 2 Title Indents (1991-2001)

How many ways can you produce the number 2 TV indent? In this cool short doco on the BBC '2' TV logo we see the change from a dull and forgettable 2D to something special and distinct in 3D, bringing the brand alive. The behind the scenes of the paint dripping  of the two and the creating of steam are great production quirks. 
This second video is a full collection of the '2' indents along with gripping sound effects. It can be slightly boring and a bit cringe - but interesting to see the evolution and the impact of technology. The progression of basic cinema techniques and textures as it slowly gets more and more creative with themes over time and as technologies become available. 
Worth a check out is the UK Indent Gallery at www.indentgallery.com for a further great collection. 

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