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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Klovn: The Movie (Klown) Film Title Sequence and interview with the directors

Klovn: The movie (Original Title)
Designers Maria Biilmann and Philip Einstein Lipski.
The opening titles imitate the quirky and hilariously inappropriate story line from the Danish movie Klown. (based upon the popular long-running TV series Klovn) With an independent film, 'cult' following feel to it, the film files under art house about two wild friends as they take a "Tour de pussy" canoeing trip through Danish countryside. Art Directors partners Philip and Maria took the job of the title design inspired by the flat 2d animated titles for "Catch me if you can." They created a bold red, black and white sequence with subtle treatments of bouncy typography getting busted up by the debauchery antics from the characters travels.
The Directors
Philip and Maria are both Art Directors and formerly worked for several international ad agencies (BBDO, DDB, Y&R, Grey). For the past 5 years we have been working on our own helping the biggest production companies in Scandinavia creating professional artwork and campaigns for their major releases. Philip is also part of Einstein Film - a production company of animated features. This is not their first title sequence they are also very proud of the titles done for ‘Lykke.’
Interview with Maria:  
What was the Design Process involved in the titles?"Frank is the protagonist and the story is his road to proving that he is worthy of becoming a father. We used the main elements of the movie ie car, tent, main bridge, ladies, canoe, prison, gun and placed all over Franks body. Then we went on a road trip on his body ending in the conception of a child." 
"We started the process by drawing Frank in his iconic underwear, glasses and cap - that is how we know and love Franks character from the danish TV-series Klovn. Then we went on a virtual tour of his drawn lines and placed key elements and names where they could fit and made the storyboard from that. When we had all the elements drawn up the flash animation could begin." 
How did the director approach you to do titles?"We did the whole marketing package with posters and trailers and everything for Klovn - The movie. From that process the director and producer had complete trust in us to also "wrap" the movie itself with a title sequence. The two teaser posters for the movie:"

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