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Monday, 4 March 2013

FITC Amsterdam 2013 Festival Branding

Very Cool Shit from this years FITC Amsterdam festival branding. Gmunk, Onesize & Brian Gosset created a very nice festival brand package. An installation and custom typography to produce all the title design and the key art across the event. The theme: Enter the Void 
Typography was done by Brian Gosset building on the font Sevigne (www.youworkforthem.com/font/sevigne) and customized with GUI looking elements and shapes that gave a instant futuristic vibe. 
The direction of technology came from Gmunks LED-void exploration, collaborating with Michael Fullman they constructed a triangular programmed LED installation - PYRADICAL. This is why it pays to have side projects and explore techniques as these titles are taken to another level, the amount of dedication to time and technology to get these visuals sequenced and looking good is respectable. And I imagine, there's a lot of risk being playful with technology when there's deadlines and reputation! Check out the process video below. 
One visually explored technique = the solid base for one whole festival's branding. Epic. 

Enter the VOID title funk:

Process Video:

FITC Festival. Future Innovation Technology and Creativity festival. International, based in various cities worldwide. 2013 festivals were at Toronto, Amsterdam and Tokyo. Amazing line up speakers.  For all information go to www.fitc.ca

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