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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Offf festival Barcelona - Part One


Thanks to Barcelona's great public transport system we arrived on time to hundreds of eager designers queuing at the one tent at DHUB, Disseny Hub for their 3 day festival pass and cool festival book. All festival photos from part one view here on Flickr.

The festival opened with the opening titles, a cinematographic gem. Directed by Spanish studio Ms.take a collaborative effort with Art Director from Vasava Studio, Leila Mendez and Jose Luis Bernal. We heard directly from the creators themselves the ideas and process behind the titles, bumpers, events and new branding.  They talked and sung (Yes a song about the design process) about how they approached The Offf challenge - An open brief and their ideas of 'limitless possibilities' an unbound freedom for designing. The titles are about connections, a link between people - what's cool is they showed every attendees name in the end scroll. (Need to go frame by frame to see yours) Also what's new this year was the lovely event book and book package called 'The Poooool'


With two rooms of speakers going, with overlaps of 20minutes from their 50 minute presentation. We walked in on the craziest mind fuck graphics by Device. Clients ranging from Absolut vodka, producing this lo-fi 'horrible' graphic style and graphics produced by face movement through a head control set.

Atipo a design studio working across disciplines of branding, typography, and video presenting in the 'open room'. It was an interesting presentation (in full espainol with English powerpoints) the work spoke for itself. Particularly like the music and video they made to promote their new typefaces Bariol and Bariol Icons. Comedic value.Typeface made for the festival book The Poool.

"I like music, cheese and girls." The talented illustrator McBess really impressed. Matthieu Bessudo a English/French guy with a sly sense of humour showed us a stop motion process of the creation of his works. It was made pretty clear that 'he likes drawing' He started as a 3D animator for The Mill. To following what he loved with black and white drawings done by Syntec tablet. He showed the repeated detail and of his drawing style, through girls faces and tattoos. His drawings extended on to 3D toys, music videos for his band 'Dead Pirates' and to finish off with his company McBess & Simon animation for Goodbooks.


Serial Cut the imagemakers explained their work of digital vs tactile with their photography of realistic made objects. With the whole studio on stage, each took turns Explaining various projects. In conclusion some things look better made by hand. They have an endless portfolio of amazing works with a lot of 3d typography. They ended with a sales pitch of their Augmented reality book 'Extrabold' Hover over it with your phone to see added 3D features which is really cool and is one for the bookshelf.


Dvein opened up to their name meaning 'Designers coming from hell' looking for inspiration from patterns in nature and the living form. With high profile projects they went through the ups and downs of clients with projects they enjoyed and clients they didn't. The highlight quote of the day, and too touch on the industries truth - were their stories of pitching and not being successful. So much that created the phrase 'Son of a pitch.' They ended with their amazing must-see making of their music video 'The Vein.' 

Jessica Walsh ended the day of speakers with expressing why play is a powerful state of mind and that her work = her play. Being very successful at the age of 24 partnered with Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister & Walsh) Her story started from being a web designer creating her snazzy Neopets page into HTML. Internship at pentegram design to jump forward to where she is today. Her inspiration and quotes come from Stuart Brown.(Click for TED talk.)


Cut and paste started 9.30pm - a live designing show with design contestants from Spain. To see more on this concept check out their website here: http://www.cutandpaste.com/events/offfbarcelona2013


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