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Friday, 14 June 2013

Offf festival Barcelona - Part two

Here is a selection of day two speakers at Offf festival. There was still no wifi! For all photos and more speakers check out HERE.

David O'reily.
David talked to us about universal thesis of creativity and showed us very early the formula for the perfect idea. He loved taking screen grabs of his 3d renders fucking up, and then using these aesthetics from the program itself for inspiration on his animation. He talked through his wacky projects of 'RGB XYZ' the internet sensation 'octocat' & 'The External World' (Could download from his website fir free the rigs and characters. Often made into online orgies) to his work with the cartoon network show 'Adventure time' and the Mclaren Workshop App.


Motion graphics studio of three guys talked emotionally about their design journey from starting with no clients and little money 'just two guys with two lazy laptops' to starting a studio. They showed us their earlier work of animated alphabets until they realized it had been done and they were just messing around with other peoples work. From their stop motion & animation style stamp, they have produced elegant motion graphics for clients. Cool projects - Correos Ecatd, White pages and in their downtime they are UI designers creating 'messageme.com' Coming Soon. N9ve left with this message "for those who believe - anything is possible."

Just to confirm for everyone, Cake are not a team of chefs (even though they do like eating) they are a director and animation boutique. They talked about the importance of a balanced lifestyle and their first studio branding of Los Muertos (Dead people) that did not work. Some sweet projects 'A box for rob' title sequence 'a liars autobiography' 'Pausefest' behind the scenes. MTV design package. And a walk through of doing the Offf festival design bumpers. Everybody loves cake!


This was the first  interactive design talk I caught at the festival with Robert from Berlin. He talked through responsive web pages and the now trend of one way scrolling websites are not using the potential. Talked through his rewarding projects using interactive web and apps. Project 'How many slaves work for you' was a highlight and beautifully designed. Talked about bring 3d designs from Maya into OpenGL. Another good app for the community was the Lifesaver app, which save lives. Directors Reel Here.

While their is an abundance of male directors and motion graphic artists around, Sarosky talked directly to woman in the industry and questioned why their are not more female directors like herself. There needs to be a girl rising.Her story from RIT to Digital Kitchen to Superfad to Sarosky in her loved Chicago city. With a taste for film title design myself, she showed her pitch storyboards and talked about client relations. Shameless television titles & The Killing (great deliverables of psd kits, Ai kits for AMC key art) which she showed crazy compositing/VFX of rain & sky as the initial shoot didn't work out due to sun!

James White
A very energetic speaker from Canada, Novia Scotia, James was expressing his massive passion for the illustrative work, client or no client - it did not matter to him. Speed talker with 256 slides to power through, was a very entertaining presentation. Talked through the highs and lows of his career, and lessons to be learnt. Akzidenz-Grotesk is not fucking Arial or Helvetica. With his geeky passion for pop culture he inspires to one day make a 'Masters Of The Universe' poster. He talked through favorite project with the client for Farcry3 Blood Dragon - "James, don't freak out - but we need to have a dinosaur shooting lasers out of its eyes in the background" You never know where your work will turn up, so it's important to push it out there to the world. Be fearless. As a lot of his jobs he had sourced through twitter.


Gmunk's work puts the G into Gui design. This was the last presentation of the day and a highlight. The amount of detail in his work is enough to stare at (rewind video scroller) for hours. Jason raced through his projects from Tron, Oblivion with humorous bumpers and his dark sense of humor. Talked about his different directions after working full time on Tron for a year with blue and orange holograms. He loves the fabric of data shaping form. Also states the importance of referencing for research as a Director. To keep up with his techy shit and inspiration check out his up coming company Bot & Dolly. or for reels and info on UI design Gmunk on TYP3D.


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