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TYP3D is inspirational Title design, 3D typography, motion graphics in film and digital design. From the collective we features design festival reviews & branding. Contact - Editor@typ3d.com

TYP3D's Collective of photographers and videographers. All around the globe and involved in the design industries. 

Fraser Macedo is a graphic designer who enjoys working with multi-media title design through motion graphics and website interfaces. Naturally fell into the world of dimensional typography - editor for TYP3D.  

Manon Feval a multimedia and graphic designer from Amsterdam / Switzerland. An open minded TYP3D festival writer and photographer for all the great European design events. 

Casapian Kai Pantea a Melbourne based designer creating Motion Graphics, 3D, Videography, Photography and also producer of music. Writer and videographer for TYP3D. 

Chris Staring is a Melbourne based Web Developer and Animator who also dabbles in Photography, Videography, Projection Mapping & Interactive Media and Installations. 

Olga Mishyna is a belarussian graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam. TYP3D festival writer and photographer for European design events. www.mishyna.com

Jen Dixon a freelance GTML/CSS coder who doesn't mind a new challenge in New Jersey - like working in blogger or simply converting a psd file to tables, semantic HTML and CSS. 

jenniration@me.com | @jenniration

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