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Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012 - September 19th - 23rd Netherlands
GDFB2012 was five days of workshops, lectures, performances, exhibitions, urban interventions and master classes by over 150 international designers. This edition had a real festival feeling, full day programs, a lot of international attention and a large number of visitors in a relatively short amount of time. Festival Review | GDFB Festival 2012 Exhibitions.

agIdeas International Design Forum 2012 - May 21th - 25th Melbourne
agIdeas week long festival integrates students, schools, creative industry businesses and designers looking for inspiration. The International Design Forum brings in 40 design leaders and creatives (reaching the 500th speaker this year). All ages are catered for with presentations aimed directly at schools (Secondary school forum) as well as industry (agIdea design for business and industry). From workshops and studio visits to business networking breakfasts, we get to see why agIdeas is an international prestige event. Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Studio Visits.

OFFF Festival Barcelona 2012 - May 17th - 19th Barcelona
Let's feed the future at this years OFFF Festival 2012 Barcelona May 17, 18, 19th, the huge European design-of-all-sorts festival previously held at various locations of New York, Lisbon, Paris. If you want saturation of graphic design, motion graphics, film, digital design, art, music and some of the best selected in the industry you best be on you way. Opening Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 Pt. 1 | Day 3 Pt. 2   

Pause Fest 2011 - November 7th - 13th Melbourne
Pause Fest is a gathering of passionate, creative souls where they can connect with each other and with the world’s top talent. We welcome creatives from all fields, companies and agencies that embrace art+innovation and the general public. The week long festival of small events, exhibitions, projections, open studios, installations, product launches and interactive projects dispersed through the city - Exhibition’ event where visual artists/ agency show reels and business opportunities share centre-stage. OPENING NIGHT | WEEK EVENTS ONE | WEEK EVENTS TWO | PROPAUSETITLES |

Playgrounds Festival 2011 - October 5th - 7th Amsterdam & Tilburg 
Playgrounds Festival 2011 Amsterdam & Tilburg is brings every year a top line of speakers and workshops for digital arts and motion graphics lovers from across the world. An open festival showing the process and creative inspirations of the masterminds behind their designs. DAY ONEDAY ONE NIGHT | DAY TWO | DAY THREE

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